Google Pay Welcome 2020 year offer starts

Google Pay Welcome 2020 year offer starts now

Google Pay  Welcome 2020 year offer starts now

Bring in 2020 with Google Pay welcome

Gear up for more fun!

​complete the cake by 31 Dec 2019 and get an assured gift from Google Pay.
​You also earn 1 bonus reward per layer for any cake layer you complete. The more layers you complete, the more rewards you unlock!
​Collect these assured stamps the first time you perform the following during the game period from 23 Dec 2019 – 31 Dec 2019:
– pay a bill (Toffee stamp),
– recharge your mobile (DJ stamp), or
– invite a friend to Google Pay who makes their first payment using your referral code (Pizza stamp).
See offer terms and conditions for details.
​Other than the above, all other stamps will be variably distributed. You could collect any one of the 7 different stamps through the different collection methods.

How claim it right and it had worked twice now.

1st uber.
2nd anything
3rd. HNY 100-1001( reason is if you claim hny on first you will get 10 – 100only).

If you are getting HNY 100 to 1001 on 1st or 2nd so its great claim it. ??

Here are the things to make sure you are aware of.
There are 3 layers of cake as you can see in the image and might be aware of

On each layer complete you will get bonus rewards.

Click on claim to claim the bonus rewards.

Make sure to claim.

1.HNY coupon(100-1001 cashback scrach card) (important)

2.Uber eats gift card of Rs. 50

3rd layer claim is upto you.

Cool winks Rs. 1000 off seems great deal.

Remember there are several rewards but you can get only 3 rewards.

1 reward per layer complete and it is your choice to make during claim.

HNY voucher is a scratch card that will give you money between Rs. 100 to 1001

This offer is above that 202 to 2020 scratch card


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