Today’s Amazon Quiz Answers,21st February 2020.

Today's Amazon Quiz Answers

Today’s Amazon Quiz Answers,  21st February 2020

In this article we will talk about Today’s Amazon Quiz Answers .
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Question 1 of 5:

Which company has recently acquired Scape Technologies- a computer vision,
start up working on location accuracy beyond GPS?

🔑Answer:  Facebook 

Question 2 of 5:

Which Roman Emperor is said to be behind the origin of the Leap Year?

🔑Answer: Julius Caesar

Question 3 of 5:

Sandeep Mathrani has been appointed the new CEO of which company?

🔑Answer: WeWork

Question 4 of 5:

Who was recently awarded the ‘Kishore Kumar Samman’ by
Madhya Pradesh Government?

🔑Answer: Waheeda Rehman

Question 5 of 5:

Archaeologists in the Czech Republic have uncovered,
the oldest wooden structure ever found.
What is it?

🔑Answer: Water well

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